Gimme, Gimme Gimme

29 Sep 2009

Malaysia Cup 2009... has Started?

Yes. The 2009 Malaysia Cup competition has begun.

Unfortunately, there was no sign of the oldest competition in Asia is taking place. Perhaps it is due to many of us are still in 'Hari Raya' mode and not that  many people are in the mood to sit their bums on the hard concrete/plastic seats at the stadiums, cheering their team.

But the thing is not many Malaysians really care about local football anymore.

mad redo1 is maybe one of those small percent who still go to watch his local team, Terengganu in action whenever he can. But it is sad when most of the time matches are played in front of just a few hundred fans, unless the team is really doing well and make good progress.

For Terengganu, the win in Kuching against the financially strapped Sarawak is a good start but is at what cost. There are a number of injuries to a number of key players that could affect the ability of The Turtles to do well in the competition. Adding to that is the suspension to a few more and fans could be looking at a depleted Terengganu side tonight.

Tonight the Turtles will entertain Johor in the first of three consecutive home matches from which they need to collect maximum points to ensure smooth passage to the knock-out phase.

C'mon Turtles!


21 Sep 2009

The First Day...

...of Aidil-Fitri

Nothing unusual happened on mad redo1's first day of Aidil-Fitri. Just the usual routine of Aidil-Fitri prayer, photography session, visiting the cemetery before proceeding to Linda's parents place where it was the same as the year before, and the year before when mad redo1 spent most of the time on his back in dreamland.

But of course there is one major difference for this year's Aidil-Fitri. This is the first Aidill-Fitri for AKS#3 a.k.a. Ainnur Khalisa Shukriah. It is an 'orange' themed celebration for us but we could not find and orange outfit for Lisa, thus she is dressed in all white.

One thing I wish is for visiting parents to be more attentive to their children as not to disturb a man sleeping. I do not like seeing your brats' puny face standing and staring when I open my eyes.

Tomorrow is another day. We shall see what happen, eh?


20 Sep 2009

The Celebration...


It is sad when we have to good-bye to someone or something dear to us. Unfortunately that what mad redo1 has to do when his 'pekebende' was deemed as an attack site due to some malware attaching themselves to it. They were back-ups to the pages but somehow when it was not meant to be then there was nothing you can do.

We just finished the blessed month of Ramadhan and Aidil-Fitri is upon us now.

These are the days of celebration with the children are the most likely to benefit with a pocketful of 'duit raya' by the end of the third day. For adults who are still children at heart, putting on the newly bought 'raya' clothes in the morning of 'Aidil-Fitri' certainly make the heart flutter a bit.

The joy for mad redo1 certainly began early when Arsenal won their encounter against Wigan Athletic 4-0 at the Emirates. Thomas Vermaelen is certainly winning the hearts of many Gooners with his brace. The first when he beat Chris Kirkland with a thumpinng header from a corner, which in a way was quite expected from a defender.

But his second was pure class when he played a one-two with Manu Eboue before side-footing the ball into the top corner with Kirkland completely beaten. It was a good day too for Eboue who had a nightmare in the corresponding fixture last season. His error strewn performance after coming on as a substitute saw himself being substituted towards the end of the match. 

This time around, the Ivorian player got his name on the scoresheet when his touch took the ball away from Kirkland and into the back of the net after Eduardo's second attempt came his way. The Croazilian first attempt was pushed by Kirkland to the post.

There was some concern when Cesc Fabregas limped heavily towards the end of the match but that did not stop him from scoring the fourth when Nicklas Bendtner served the ball on the plate for his skipper to beat Kirkland at the near post. Robin van Persie's persistence played a hugh part in the goal.

Winning gives you the feel good feeling and together with Aidil-Fitri celebration mad redo1 is certainly hoping it is going to be an auspicious start to his new pages.

It is good to be back.