Gimme, Gimme Gimme

20 Oct 2009

Children, Children Go Away...

...or I Will Take You Away!

There are many types of people in this world. To list all of them is a task only a physcologist would love to carry out.

How do we know everything about ourselves?

Since we are the owner of the body that define us, then of course we should know everything about us. But once in a while there are going to be events or incidents that will reveal another side of us. Or it would remind us about something that we have long forgotten.

As an example, mad redo1.

Since becoming the daddy to the AKSes he has been good with children. You see, he does not like children. Ever since he was a child he would ran away whenever there was a toddler around.

This carried on and even when he became a young adult. Of course being a young adult he would have girlfriends who most of them had this vision of building a family with him. This led to the girlfriends admiring infants in a stroller or playing with toddlers who for them is the definition of cuteness.

mad redo1 would kept his distance away.

Why? I do not have the answer.

There were times when the girlfriends wondered how mad redo1 would turn out to be as a father?

The arrival of the AKSes was a life changing experience. It turned out, babies are not so bad after all. Of course, babies would grow and before you know it, they became toddlers who later turned into children.

Now AKS#1 is turning into a teenager with a bit of rebellious streak, AKS#2 is a child who is curious about everything around her and AKS#3 is an infant who would put everything into her mouth.

So, mad redo1 should be alright with children now.


Wrong. He still does not like children. Not in a way that he would cook and gobble them up for dinner but more like he just does not know how to play with them and his tolerance for them is very low.

mad redo1 just realised that all this time he would just play with the AKSes and not with other children. A sort of nepotism when it comes to playing time.

So, to all children out there and their parents, I apologise for any behaviour that mad redo1 has shown over the years that could have hurt you in one way or another.

It's not you, its me.


19 Oct 2009

What... you know?

Terengganu has made it to the last eight of the Malaysia Cup 2009. This Tuesday they will face Super League Champions, Selangor at the Shah Alam Stadium in the first leg of the quarter-finals. Of course, the Red Giants will be the favourites but the Turtles could have something hidden under their shell.

With mad redo1  just coming back from Shah Alam himself, he does not see himself being at the stadium to cheer his team. However it is hoped that Terengganu players will do just enough to ensure the return leg in Kuala Terengganu will not be just a formality.

C'mon Turtles!