Gimme, Gimme Gimme

27 Jan 2011

The Season... Nigh

After a flurry of activities in December, this page saw a decrease of entries that could be equalled to the state of hibernation. But with the start of the 2011 Malaysian League season is imminent, mad redo1 should have written something about that to ensure his writing will not go stale.

For the second consecutive season Terengganu will have two representatives in the Super League. Whereas last season was seen as a learning season season for club side PBDKT T-Team (T-Team), this season they seem to be going all out to ensure success will come their way.

T-Team and the state FA side Terengganu made a number of additions to their squad this season but the star attraction of course would be Indra Putra Mahyuddin who together with Nor Farhan Mohamad and Azizi Mat Rose made the trip down from neighbour Kelantan.

The Malaysia Cup winner was none too happy and had reported the trio to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for a breach of contract. However, the charge was found to be baseless as it was Kelantan who failed to follow the stipulated rules when offering a new contract to players whose current deal is ending.

Apart from the three players, T-Team also welcome Zairo Anuar Zailani who made a short trip from Terengganu. Going the opposite way were striker Abdul Hadi Yahya, midfielders Ismail Faruqi and Mohamad Fakhrurazi plus goalkeeper Mohamad Shahril Sha'ari.

Terengganu also signed up defenders Nik Zul Aziz and Hasmizan Kamarodin, along with free agent Reeshafiq Alwi whose former team KL PLUS pulled out from the Malaysian League altogether; and midfielder Shafuan Adli from Perak.

However the spotlight would be more on T-Team, especially with the star signings who will be joining force with the old faces such as Haris Safwan Kamal, Rosdi Talib, Syamsuri Mustafa, Subri Sulong, Norfazly Alias and others.

Terengganu meanwhile will hope the new signings would strengthen the team and combine well with skipper Marzuki Yusof, Abdul Manaf Mamat, last season Super League topscorer Ashari Shamsuddin, Sharbinee Allawee, Joseph Kalang and other players at Head Coach Irfan Bakti's disposal.

It will be every Terengganu football fans hope to see both teams do well in the Malaysian League scene. It will be unbridled joy for these success starved fans if either one of them is able to land their hands on a trophy this season, if both of them do, the better.

So, to both teams; mad redo1 wishes THE BEST OF LUCK


4 Jan 2011

An Old Man...

...on the Pitch

Having just begun his fortieth year on this earth in November, mad redo1 wonders how much longer he could don the gloves to play the sports he loves most, football. Age has been kind so far that despite the advancing years he still could flung himself here and there trying to prevent some young 'uns from planting the ball past him.

Admittedly he is slower nowadays in reacting to some shots but so far those incidents are not frequent and most of the time his positioning enable him NOT having to get his almost 90kg frame move that much. But in a game of futsal you always have to move a lot more compared wit a game of football.

One thing that could be a factor that he is able to continue playing is the stretching exercise he does to make sure that his body is in 'playable' condition. Thus it is very important for those who keen to continue performing during the advancing years to stretch and warm-up properly even it is just for a kick-about.

So, here to more football in 2011...