Gimme, Gimme Gimme

9 Mar 2011


It was by chance that mad redo1 saw a boy running on the SKPCT field and began to swing his arm in a way that reminded him of his cricket playing days. Then he threw the ball towards a familiar looking apparatus that resembled a wicket.

Wait a minute.

It was a wicket and there was a batsman waiting to hit the delivery mad by the bowler. There were people playing cricket on his school pitch, something took him really by surprise as the sports was not really popular in Terengganu.

His curiosity took him to the pitch side where he met a group of innocent looking boys and a few older ones. Sitting on a concrete stool was a man who looked like a teacher. He turned out to be a teacher.

Encik Kamaruddin Husain was part of the officials for the Terengganu Under-12 and Under-18 Cricket squad preparing for the MSSM Cricket tournament scheduled to be held in Seremban during the school holidays.

We got into a long conversation regarding the state of cricket in the state, where the Terengganu Cricket Association was recently re-registered as an active association after being de-registered a few years ago due to lack of activity.

Frankly, mad redo1 had been away from the cricket scene for too long to keep up with its development.

It was a surprise to him that cricket is more popular among the day school compared to the days when he was still in secondary school when the sports were only played by boarding schools with tournaments revolved around zones rather than national meet.

Encik Kamaruddin himself is a teacher from Guntong Secondary School in Setiu. Frankly, have you heard anyone playing cricket in Setiu before? But there you are, a few of their students made it to the squad for the U-18 squad. Only four are from boarding schools.

Unfortunately, it's development received little encouragement due to the fact it is not a core sports. With a preparation of just two weeks and little tournament experience to go by, Encik Kamaruddin does not put too much hope in challenging for honours in Seremban.

However, he hopes that for the junior team members will stay on in the sports in order to form a good base of players that will challenge for honours in the future.

Terengganu Under-12 Squad: 
Wan Muhammad Najmuddin Wan Azmi (SK Kerandang, Besut); Muhammad Syafiq Fitri Aziz, Muhammad Hamizan Awang, Muhammad Azrie Ridzuan, Muhammad Khairul Amin Ismail (SK Sungai Buloh, Kuala Berang); Muhammad Rizan Tarmizi, Abdul Muhaimin Azhar (SK Balai Besar, Dungun); Muhammad Fikri Azli Amli (SK Gong Pasir, Dungun); Muhammad Daniel Abdul Ghaffar (SK Panchor Merah, Setiu); Muhammad Ammar Zakaria, Muhammad Fitri Mohamad Arman, Fairoz Fauzi (SK Bintang, Setiu); Hafiz Hakimi Sapri (SK Kompleks, Gong Badak); Muhammad Fahmi Norazezan, Qamaruddin Alias (SK Padang Kemunting, Kuala Terengganu)

Terengganu Under-18 Squad:
Muhammad Syahir Sazali, Amirul Syazwan Zokornain, Mohamad Khairul Azwan Sulaiman (SM Sains Dungun); Mohamad Nur Faris Mohamad Khir, Mohamad Faizuddin Abdul Kadir, Mahammad Asrul Mohamed, Mohamad Hasraf Adzmi, Tuan Mohamad Saiful Tuan Me (SMK Guntong, Setiu); Muhammad Azli Mohammad (SMK Kuala Jeneris, Hulu Terengganu); Abdul Hazim Awang, Muhammad Alif Mohammad (SMK Matang, Hulu Terengganu); Mohamad Muzammil Roslan, Ahmad Firdaus Mohamad Khir (SMK Tok Dor, Setiu); Mohamad Huzaifi Yahya (SMKA Nurul Ittifaq, Besut) Faiz Fawwaz Razak (SM Sains Sultan Mahmud)

Technical Chairman: Kasbie Yahya
Managers: Mohamad Hairi Mohamad Noor, Juhaimi Jaafar
Coaches: Yahya Mahad, Kamaruddin Husain


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