Gimme, Gimme Gimme

14 Feb 2010

A Year...


From the moment she cried her first wail after the Maghrib adzan a year ago, Ainnur Khalisa Shukriah has been a source of joy to all of us in the household. It is good to have a baby again, it gives you the sense of being needed by someone. But a baby is a work in progress, and the rate of its growth is something that you wish can be slowed down a bit. Just so that it will remain... well, as a baby.

Sounds a bit selfish isn't it but I believe many parents are wishing the same thing, to see their off-springs remain as they are the day they were born. Children grow up at a really fast rate. For mad redo1 it still feel like yesterday he received his first bundle of joy way back in 1997, now AKS#1 has entered secondary school phase and AKS#2 is in Year 3.

But for the third AKS, she is still a baby in mad redo1's eyes. And today it has been a year since she joined us in the family. 

Her birthday is not a spectacular event but mad redo1 hopes it will be enough to be remembered for the whole life-time.

Ainnur Khalisa Shukriah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my baby, may be this is the first of many more to come.