Gimme, Gimme Gimme

8 Sep 2010

Nine Years...

...of Nina

It is the second year running Nina's birthday falls during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Despite the fasting month, it does not stop us from celebrating the occasion.

It is just a simple event, we just go out after the final Terawih of 1431 Hijrah and buy a simple cake.

Nina is happy with the cake and just like her during her baby years, the attraction to cakes and candles is the same for Lisa.

With Che joining in and recites the doa and has a piece of the cake, it is certainly a moment to remember.

Nina as usual, enjoys her cake to the fullest.


1 Sep 2010



Yesterday was the 53rd Merdeka Celebration for Malaysians.

For the first time the celebration was done indoors at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil. Perhaps taking into consideration it was the fasting month of Ramadhan, the organizing committee decided as such.

The usual Merdeka Day Parade was not included in the programme this time around making the celebration the shortest ever in mad redo1's memory. But still, he was right there in front of the TV watching the historic event unfolded via the live telecast on TV3 anchored by Ally Iskandar and Ahmad Fidtrie.

Then off he went to dreamland.

In the afternoon mad redo1 and Linda went to see AKS#1 at her hostel. Her mother had busied herself in the kitchen while mad redo1 was sleeping, preparing the food to bring to our beloved AKS and it was quite a reward seeing the smile on her face.

Then on our way home we met with a usual scene on holidays or weekends.

The damned rempits were at it again!

Well, from the actions they were displaying to the onlookers it made my idea of having a legal place for them to carry out such activities sound more sensible by the day. Unfortunately under the current climate I do not see anyone willing to champion this cause due to the amount of money needed.

But still it is something worthwhile to ponder on while chewing the roti telur on the eve of the next Merdeka Day.