Gimme, Gimme Gimme

27 Apr 2010



Remember when you were a child and walking in a shop, suddenly your eyes were attracted to a toy. With high hopes you ran to your mother and asked her to buy you the toy. But hopes turned into ashes when she told you that it would not be yours today. 

"Lain kali ya..." (Next time, alright?)

This is a trend that somehow continues to be with us even when we are adults. We see something that tickle our fancy but this time around we have to tell ourselves:

"One day..."

Well, that was the case for mad redo1 when he wished for either a Nikon D90 or a D300 (now D300s) a while back. Although he already has a D60 mad redo1 found there are a number of limitations with the most popular entry level DSLR from Nikon which limit the level of satisfaction from the output.

Well, yesterday my wish has came true with a D90 coming home with me after waiting for quite a while. The joy is the same as I felt when finally I got to have my favourite toys, although this time the toy is much more expensive and at the same time could be more than just a toy for me.

Hopefully, I will be able to come up with better shots, artistic or work wise with the additional gear to my arsenal.


14 Apr 2010

Feeling Safe...

...No More

Taken from Today's News Straits Times. 

2 rob teacher at kindergarten

By Jason Gerald John
ALOR GAJAH: Two men, one armed with a parang, stormed into the compound of a kindergarten in Taman Bukit Rembia and robbed a female teacher of cash and jewellery worth RM6,000 yesterday.
There were four children, aged 5 and 6, in Tabika Perpaduan during the 12.15pm incident, but none were harmed.

It is learnt that at the time of the incident, the 50-year-old teacher was alone with the four children as her colleagues and other children had gone home.

District police chief Superintendent Umar Ali Shaifuddin Shaharuddin said the teacher was with the preschoolers in the compound of the kindergarten, waiting for the arrival of their parents.

"Suddenly, a black Proton Wira stopped at the entrance of the kindergarten and two men, one armed with a parang, alighted from the car, rushed toward the teacher and instructed her and the children to go into the kindergarten.

"They then demanded that the teacher surrender all her valuables."
"Fearing for the lives of the children, the teacher handed over all her cash and jewellery," he said, adding that a third man was waiting in the car during the robbery.

Umar said the robbers were all in their 30s.

As a parent who sends his child to a nursery and kindergarten, mad redo1 wonders whether the same thing will happen here in Terengganu. These places are fast becoming targets for desperate robbers who see the women running the centres as easy prey, especially with the safety of the children under their care is at stake.

Many assume that the owners of the nurseries and kindergarten are usually women with lots of money, especially with the amount they charge to parents for sending their children under their care nowadays.They will attract even more attention if they have all kind of rings and bracelets dangling from their fingers and arms.

I hope the incident will not become a recurring theme in our daily dose of crime in the news to the extent the nurseries have to resort to employing security guards to ensure the premises' security. It will mean the nurseries will have an additional operating cost that will no doubt will be transferred to the parents.

To a safer Malaysia.