Gimme, Gimme Gimme

17 Mar 2010

Shot... The Butt.

Lisa is thirteen months old now, which means she is due for another scheduled shot as advised by the Health Ministry of Malaysia.

Again, we proceed to the Rohana Seripah Clinic which has been our peadiatrician since day 1.

Lisa is cheerful while waiting for her turn. Her naivety is certainly adorable. Nina knows what is coming for her sister but still maintain a straight face.

Then the moment comes. Berg is thrilled to see another AKS receiving the jab and not her anymore.

And the wailing starts. But as usual for Lisa it does not last long, just under a minute then she is back to her usual joyful self.

Apart from her hand keeps rubbing her butt everything else is normal. Thank you Lisa for being such a good AKS.