Gimme, Gimme Gimme

31 Aug 2010

Deterioration... The Tropix.

It was the Merdeka Eve and mad redo1 felt like going out for a drink with the roomey. It has been a few days now that he feels like drinking all the time even though he does not feel it so much during the day (thank God for that).

Thus we went out around an hour before midnight and decided to use the Pulau Kambing route. As Nizam Akulat has informed us earlier through Facebook, there was a free makan-makan session for the Kuala Terengganu Parliamentary constituent, an event called Sahur Merdeka 2010 at the Waterfront.

We did not feel like mixing our night with political agenda thus mad redo1 drove on through the Chinatown which was not really that crowded except for bicycle riding teenagers, some were draped with the 'Jalur Gemilang' even though none was equipped any safety apparatus (reflectors, helmets, etc) which was quite sad, showing the lack of safety concern among our youngsters.

Our assumption was Shahbandar would be crowded with people thus we headed to Batu Buruk Beach. The road leading to the beach itself was already jammed with vehicles going there. In the end we drove through the one way street in front of the food stall before making a left turn to the Tropix Bistro.

It has been a while since mad redo1 been there. It must have been more than nine months now (if Linda had conceived since the last time we were there, mad redo1 would be waiting for the fourth AKS now) since our last visit.

The bistro which started on a good note in terms of service and presentation has deteriorated to a level of just a kampung cafe. All the waiters and waitress no longer sporting the uniform which made them look immaculate a while ago.

The fruit smoothies that we ordered tasted too sweet that despite adding another glass of plain water mad redo1 could still taste the sweetness in them. To add further insult the smoothies did not have a trace of fruit in it, something you sort of expected at this kind of establishment.

However, the insult did not stop there. They took ages to tell us that an order was not available which we replaced with another. When the food arrived it was served on a dish that have seen better days, again an insult to a customer who felt really short-changed. And much to the astonishment of mad redo1 and Linda, when we asked for a ketchup or tomato sauce as Nina does not like the chili sauce they informed us they do not have that kind of sauce there.


Anyway, we made do with the mayonnaise that they sent to us instead. However credit must be given where it is due. The Ginger Koay Teow that mad redo1 ordered did not disappoint.

After finishing all the meals we decided to head for home. The roads were still jammed but it was more due operations carried out by the police to ensure a safe Merdeka for everybody. Kudos to them who had to make such sacrifices.


24 Aug 2010

Reunion... Three Junction

It was a few days ago when mad redo1 received a sms from Nizam asking him to join him for an Iftar in conjunction with the re-surfacing of Azlan Zahari Zahid or better known among the SMSD circle as Lan BJ.

The date was set for Monday 23-08-2010.

mad redo1 has no problem with the date and happily agreed.

The day arrived and mad redo1 picked Nizam up at his home with his trusty Mortimer. Nobody else was around and we decided to stroll around the Chabang Tiga Ramadhan Bazaar looking for delicacies for the Iftar.

Then a call from Eskay announcing her arrival and the three of us proceeded with the shopping for kueh. Nizam and mad redo1 then bumped into a former schoolmate from primary school, Mat Arif who was shopping with her son. He still maintain his boyish looks even though his eleven year old son is already at the same height as him.

After the completion of the shopping Nizam called BJ and it turned out that he was sleeping in his car while waiting for us. Both Nizam and mad redo1 'reprimanded' him for not calling us earlier as either one of us could provide a better environment to rest his bums.

Then Abu Hasmadi arrived and followed a short while later by Narihas and the loves of her life. Not much later Hilmi showed up with his entourage which should bode well for the future of the bowling sports in Terengganu.

With everybody was in place, the reminiscing began interjected with a few current issues especially the firecracker tragedy which occurred less than a kilometre from the place where we were having our Iftar.
Credit to Nizam for his choice of meals and much thanks to Eskay for being a good hostess. It was good to be among friends again and hopefully there will be more similar events in the future.


15 Aug 2010



Firstly, I apologise for blabbering about 'mat rempits' again.

Taking into account that these youth need an outlet to show their skills perhaps the government could allocate a piece of land in an industrial area that is not too far from the general population and build a permanent race-track.

With many of these 'rempit'-ing youths use the 'kapcai' as their vehicle of choice, the circuit does not need to be the same size as the Sepang International Circuit. The racing track could be based on the many templates available from the Malaysian Cub-Prix series.

The 2010 Malaysian Cub Prix - Teluk Intan Track
Races can be held during the weekend and an entry fee of between RM3 to RM5 per race could be collected. Everyone with a valid driving license can enter even though certain rules can be drafted in terms of racing attire to ensure the safety of the riders.

Apart from track racing other events could be held at the same circuit such as tricks and stunts. How many of us have witnessed the wheelie or in GanuSpeak 'congek' performed by the 'mat rempits' on the road? This time they are encouraged to 'congek' their 'kapcai' in an environment that would not bring harm to other road-users. Another event suitable for the track is the sprint.

This will lead to a healthy competitive motoring culture among the youths.

If each district build one of these permanent tracks then a sponsor may take the initiative to organise a state wide grand-prix competition for amateur riders. From state level, competition could be held at regional level. This would create a pool of riders that could be developed to become professionals and strut their stuffs around the region if not in the world stage.

However, the initiative must be taken by the government. Rather than spending taxpayers money on policing the 'mat rempits', use the money to give them the avenue to channel their racing instinct and for all we know, there could be a potential Valentino 'The Doc' Rossi in the our midst.

So, any takers?


13 Aug 2010

Sheer Waste...

...of Life.

Those who are closed to me probably know how much mad redo1 detests 'mat rempits' and how he wish to have a Humvee with a M2 Browning machine gun mounted on top in order to cut them down to pieces whenever that start 'rempit'-ing.

Last night he was in the vicinity of an accident area when a group of motorcyclists, who could be categorised as 'mat rempits' due to their action of running away from the a police check-up; crashed into one another resulting in one of them dying at the scene of the accident while two others suffered serious injuries.

Another one perhaps suffered just light injury, got up and fled the scene on his red Honda EX5 (according to a witness).

mad redo1 who was having a meeting with GSN forumers regarding Sunday's event: "Berbuka Puasa Bersama Anak-Anak Yatim Darul Falah" decided to check out the mishap which happened just about a kilometre from Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital.

Seeing the dead body of the young lad still on his scooter made him thinking that in this holy month of Ramadhan, a mother going to weep the death of a son, perhaps all this while thinking that her boy would not be involved in this 'rempit' activity.

A father could be blaming himself for not being closer with his son, a sister or a brother could be wishing she or he could be more attentive to him.

For mad redo1 it is high time for us who care about the safety of our loved ones on the road to try and be more sensible while we are on the road and hope that the act of sensibility will somehow rub off the others so our roads will become safer for everyone.

Deaths just does not affect only the dead but a whole lot of lives who have to continue living and for them life would never be the same again.

So please everybody, be sensible on the road and hopefully that we will always be in His care all the time.

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone.

Note: For more photos please go here.


11 Aug 2010

Blessed Month...


For many Muslims, the departure of Ramadhan entails great sorrow in their heart as they do not know whether they will be alive when the next one comes. Thus for mad redo1, he must be very grateful that Ramadhan has arrived again in his life.

The completion of the Tarawikh prayers at the Al-Taqwa Mosque in Durian Burung should see him cleansed of all sins as one of the benefits to perform the prayers. However, as much as he likes to think that he is sinless, much of it will be in the hand of Allah as He is the one who will determine the quality of 'ibadah' each Muslim performs during the Holy Month.

Then just after midnight the sky opens up and it is really cats and dogs for a while. For many that will be regarded as a sign that the fasting month will be a great month with rewards in abundance for those who care to seek for it.

Perhaps the month should be seen as a springboard for those who care to change their life.

It is not easy for one who rarely goes to the mosque for prayers to maintain their commitment for the whole of Ramadhan. But having done that many would return to their old ways when they just could continue for the coming months.

The same applies to mad redo1. As much as he tries to maintain the momentum from Ramadhan, he will be back to his old ways.

But this time, could it be any different?