Gimme, Gimme Gimme

29 Dec 2009

Lunch... The Edge.

Today we had lunch at Bbeteng, the cafe the Islamic Civilisation Park at Wan Man Island.

This time Che followed us there.

It was a rare occasion as Che rarely does that as she prefers to stay at home.

We had Chicken Beriyani, Mamak Fried Noodles and of course the all time favourite keropok.

It was a good lunch, especially having Che in the company.


23 Dec 2009



It was just about a month a part but mad redo1 was shocked when he was notified about the death of two persons that he knew from childhood.

Just a day after celebrating his 39th year in existence, mad redo1 read on his Facebook notification that a friend from his SMSD days had passed away suddenly. Hasmadi Sulong complained about having chest pain to his wife and then slipped into un-counciousness.

He was brought to the emergency room of the Darul Ehsan Medical Centre but was pronounced dead-on arrival. Hasmadi was just 39 years old. Later mad redo1 was informed it was something related to the heart.

Then just over a month later another death.

This time it was someone in the family and it was quite surprising especially with the one who was called to meet Him was a nephew. A young man who I believe was in his early thirties. Leaving behind a young wife and a young baby.

The cause of death was told as choking.

Death always make you feel vulnerable about your mortality especially now there are more people dying young. It is quite rare to find anybody who is really ready to face their own death but as muslims we should accept they will happen when it should happen, not a moment later, not a few seconds too soon.


20 Dec 2009


...Thirteen? Lets Hope Not!

mad redo1 and Linda celebrated their thirteenth anniversary on Saturday. The cliche phrase of 'how time flies' will be used here. It is the truth on how we feel since the moment when we were declared officially as husband and wife. Of course we have been blessed with three wonderful offsprings who we hope will grow up to be wonderful human beings.

It was quite a surprise for mad redo1 when Linda brought him to do some shopping and instead of for her, it was for him! A wonderful gift that mad redo1 hopes to use as frequently as possible on the futsal courts.

Thank you bebey!

In the evening we went for our Anniversary dinner at the Permai Inn Hotel, where they have relocated their restaurant to the newly built wing.

The spacious restaurant certainly made a good impression to Che' and Berg who seemed to enjoy the ambiance. Unfortunately it was not to last when the resident band who goes by the name 'Fast' began playing.

They played the usual stuff, a repertoire of evergreen and latest hits. Unfortunately the sound system was poorly set resulting the noise level being too high to the extent that we had to raise our voice when talking to one another, and we were seating at the far end of the restaurant.

We ordered the western side of the menu with mad redo1 having the sirloin steak while his room-mate ordered the tenderloin. Both were served in black pepper sauce.

The rest of the 'entourage' ordered fish and chips while Berg maintained her Asian roots by ordering the 'char kuey teow'. For dessert we shared the traditionally popular banana split. Nina was more excited in getting the miniature  umbrella rather than the ice-cream itself.

Overall the evening was a good one for mad redo1 and the rest of the family. Hopefully the celebration will be bigger in number and the love will just keep going on till the end.