Gimme, Gimme Gimme

16 May 2010


...Just for a Day?

Everybody is wishing Happy Teacher's Day through all kinds of media.

So, is it okay if mad redo1 does not follow the trend?

Would that be considered as un-grateful?


But the best appreciation a teacher can get from his/her students is when they turned out to be human beings with the mind of a human and not a being with human face but the heart of an animal.

Be it a millionaire or just a road-side sweeper, most teachers will always feel proud that their charges are living the lives as humans, and I believe many would feel pain in their hearts seeing any recognizable face being brought to court in handcuffs and charged with criminal wrongdoings.

I may not be a recognizable face in the media but as long as I am living as a decent human being, earning what is meant for me and try to impart the same principles to my off-springs, then I am appreciating the teachings of all my teachers right from the first knowledge that I gained till the day I breath my last breath.