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15 Aug 2010



Firstly, I apologise for blabbering about 'mat rempits' again.

Taking into account that these youth need an outlet to show their skills perhaps the government could allocate a piece of land in an industrial area that is not too far from the general population and build a permanent race-track.

With many of these 'rempit'-ing youths use the 'kapcai' as their vehicle of choice, the circuit does not need to be the same size as the Sepang International Circuit. The racing track could be based on the many templates available from the Malaysian Cub-Prix series.

The 2010 Malaysian Cub Prix - Teluk Intan Track
Races can be held during the weekend and an entry fee of between RM3 to RM5 per race could be collected. Everyone with a valid driving license can enter even though certain rules can be drafted in terms of racing attire to ensure the safety of the riders.

Apart from track racing other events could be held at the same circuit such as tricks and stunts. How many of us have witnessed the wheelie or in GanuSpeak 'congek' performed by the 'mat rempits' on the road? This time they are encouraged to 'congek' their 'kapcai' in an environment that would not bring harm to other road-users. Another event suitable for the track is the sprint.

This will lead to a healthy competitive motoring culture among the youths.

If each district build one of these permanent tracks then a sponsor may take the initiative to organise a state wide grand-prix competition for amateur riders. From state level, competition could be held at regional level. This would create a pool of riders that could be developed to become professionals and strut their stuffs around the region if not in the world stage.

However, the initiative must be taken by the government. Rather than spending taxpayers money on policing the 'mat rempits', use the money to give them the avenue to channel their racing instinct and for all we know, there could be a potential Valentino 'The Doc' Rossi in the our midst.

So, any takers?


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