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2 Jan 2010

We, Uncivilised?...

...You Must be Joking.

It is only the second day of 2010 and mad redo1 already encountered a few of his pet peeves. Nothing much can be done by him when the sound of modified exhaust pipes broke the silence of the night when the damned mat rempit began racing against one another on the main road right in front of his house.

Nothing much can be done unless his dream of having a Humvee equipped with the M2 Browning machine gun or the M240B machine gun does come true. Just imagining the 7.62mm calibre tearing the flesh of those rempits give mad redo1 a sense of glee. Just imagine, the road would be a quiter place after the surviving rempits learned their lessons just by remembering the blood bath from the lifeless bodies of their fallen so called comrades.

Well, mad redo1 will always have that dream again and again, especially when the rempits began revving up their small 'kapchai' engines.

This evening both mad redo1 and Linda decided to have our dinner at the newly renovated Kari Asha restaurant. It was supposed to be a light affair. Anyway, after driving around for a while looking for a spot to park Cik Mat we finally found one right in front of the new branch of the Al-Ikhsan store.

Unfortunately the spot had a motorbike at each end of the box. mad redo1 tried the reverse parking technique and he managed to get it right but while correcting Cik Mat he knocked into the motorbike at the back, causing it to topple over.

He got out from the car and lifted the bike up and a girl came out from Al-Ikhsan and with an angry tone asked whether mad redo1 could not see the bike. The answer that I gave her was "can't you see that it was not a parking spot for a bike?"

The parking bays for motorbikes were just twenty metres away, yet for many bikers they choose to park in between cars which on many occassions annoy the driver even though many of them just bear with it despite feeling distressed inside. In my case, I would try to do just that but I would not apologize if I knocked your bike over because it is not my fault in the first place.

This is the problem with Malaysians, we are not a civilised nation. Sad to say, but it is true and unfortunately mad redo1 also has his uncivilised moments too.

Just take a look around us and you will see what I am referring to.


1 comment:

keri said...

susah sebab ramai mat2 rempit ni x takut mati..
tapi bahaya sungguh, sampai ambe malam2 nk kuor gi 7-11 sorang diri pon takut kadang2.
ape celebration ulangtahun bandaraye?