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1 Jan 2010

Wet Beginning... the New Year!

mad redo1 fell asleep about an hour before midnight thus missing the countdown and all that go with it. He also missed the partial lunar eclipse that was supposed to appear from 1.17am until 5.30 in the morning.

He did wake up just after five but the sound of rain falling outside his room took away all his hopes of seeing the last bit of the partial lunar eclipse. Thus he did the best next thing to do, or to his room-mate the best thing to do, pull the cover over the head and enjoy the cool morning in dreamland.

But even the best sojourn to dreamland could not match the pang from the stomach. Grudgingly we stumbled out from our bed and a while later were on our way to find something for our stomachs.

The first choice was the popular Kari Asha. Obviously it was a mistake as it was that popular that you could not find any table even at 11 in the morning. It seemed everybody decided to wake up at the same time today.

Anyway we finally settled for another popular eatery nearby Masjid Ladang. They had ran out of dough for my favourite roti canai/telur thus I had to settle for a plate of nasi lemak instead.

Then on the way back this big billboard attracted my attention. It was the second anniversary of Kuala Terengganu being declared as a city. For many of us it is still felt like a city only in its name with many infra-structures are still lacking. The only thing that we feel like living in the city is the price of foods and other items, to the extent that a few of them are more expensive than those in the Klang Valley.

Anyway, Happy 2nd Birthday kT City!

and a Happy New Year 2010 too to everybody out there.


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