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13 Aug 2010

Sheer Waste...

...of Life.

Those who are closed to me probably know how much mad redo1 detests 'mat rempits' and how he wish to have a Humvee with a M2 Browning machine gun mounted on top in order to cut them down to pieces whenever that start 'rempit'-ing.

Last night he was in the vicinity of an accident area when a group of motorcyclists, who could be categorised as 'mat rempits' due to their action of running away from the a police check-up; crashed into one another resulting in one of them dying at the scene of the accident while two others suffered serious injuries.

Another one perhaps suffered just light injury, got up and fled the scene on his red Honda EX5 (according to a witness).

mad redo1 who was having a meeting with GSN forumers regarding Sunday's event: "Berbuka Puasa Bersama Anak-Anak Yatim Darul Falah" decided to check out the mishap which happened just about a kilometre from Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital.

Seeing the dead body of the young lad still on his scooter made him thinking that in this holy month of Ramadhan, a mother going to weep the death of a son, perhaps all this while thinking that her boy would not be involved in this 'rempit' activity.

A father could be blaming himself for not being closer with his son, a sister or a brother could be wishing she or he could be more attentive to him.

For mad redo1 it is high time for us who care about the safety of our loved ones on the road to try and be more sensible while we are on the road and hope that the act of sensibility will somehow rub off the others so our roads will become safer for everyone.

Deaths just does not affect only the dead but a whole lot of lives who have to continue living and for them life would never be the same again.

So please everybody, be sensible on the road and hopefully that we will always be in His care all the time.

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone.

Note: For more photos please go here.


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Anonymous said...

salam... ade video dimana2 atau gmbr2 lain x dr insiden ni yg boleh sy lihat. penting sgt.. kalau gmbr itu agk mengaibkan pn tdak mngapa.. jz utk pengecaman sy saja. mgkin yg terlibat dlm insiden ni adalah seseorang yg sy cri selama brape thun ni.. please... tq